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The Hesperian Story

In the late seventies my father owned a fishing boat based on the Isle of Skye. The Hesperian went on to successfully fish the waters around Skye and led him to start the Minch Trading Co. which quickly became a leading wholesale fish merchant to the very best restaurants and hotels in and around London, such as The Savoy, Le Gavroche, The Fat Duck and more.

As a boy I would spend countless hours and all of my holidays accompanying him while he chatted and did deals with his two favourites kinds of people - chefs and fishermen. Whether it was being goggle eyed at the sights of Billingsgate at dawn, docking at different harbours up and down the land or out in the boat catching and cooking mackerel, the pull of the sea has always been strong.

Fast forward 40 years to a very different world but for one respect that will never change - the quest for quality, fresh seafood for which the UK will always be renowned. Whilst we have to face up to the challen ges posed bu decades of overfishing, pollution, competition and now climate change. Hesperian aims to become part of the solution in delivering sustainable, responsibly sourced, quality fish and shellfish, presented in simple yet delicous dishes.

We hope you'll come aboard and join us on our journey.

Angus & the Hesperian Team

Hesperian's Fish Stores

Fish Store

Every day our fish counter has the freshest available seasonal fish and shellfish, bought directly from local fishermen and regional markets in Cornwall & Devon.

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Our menu reflects the same fresh fish and produce available on the day, with simple seafood dishes that make the most of seasonal flavours. Served at our premises or available to takeaway.

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Hesperian's Kitchen


Fish Stores Hours

  • Monday - Closed
  • Tuesday - Closed
  • Wednesday - Closed
  • Thursday - 9:30am-3pm
  • Friday - 9:30am-3pm
  • Saturday - 9:30am-3pm
  • Sunday - Closed

Kitchen Hours

  • Monday - Closed
  • Tuesday - Closed
  • Wednesday - Closed
  • Thursday - 12-2:30pm, 5-8pm
  • Friday - 12-2:30pm, 5-8pm
  • Saturday - 12-2:30pm, 5-8pm
  • Sunday - Closed