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Updated: Jul 6

HEPERIAN – Fish Stores & Kitchen in Frome, Somerset

The name Hesperian comes from the ancient Greek ‘Garden of Hesperides’ and means “Western” or “land of the setting sun”.

It was the name of my Father’s commercial fishing boat on the Isle of Skye in the late seventies and enabled him to go on and found Minch, a leading wholesaler in London supplying some of the very best Hotel and Restaurant kitchens. Much of my childhood was spent accompanying him on early morning Billingsgate visits, chatting to fisherman at ports around the UK and calling in on iconic restaurants such as Le Gavroche and The Fat Duck, often mysteriously ten minutes after the lunch service ended! He then went on to start Kintorran, a shellfish export company in North Uist, Outer Hebrides before sadly passing away in 2012.

Summers were almost exclusively spent on Skye with daily trips out on the boat pulling lobster pots and cooking freshly caught mackerel over the fire on deserted beaches and islands. After twenty years of working in the hospitality and music industry organising and promoting events and most recently setting up Field to Fire, a wood fired event catering company, the draw of the sea and the perilous state it is in, has called me to join forces with the fantastic men and women striving to tackle overfishing, marine environment destruction, plastic pollution and the sustainable promotion of one of our most incredible natural resources available to the UK.

Our aim is to supply our customers with the freshest fish and shellfish caught by small boats as well as accompanying ingredients for simple yet stunning recipes to the people of Frome and surrounding area. We will also serve delicious take away lunches and dinners from our small onsite kitchen. For obvious reasons it has been slightly challenging seeing this dream come to fruition during such extraordinarily difficult times but we hope you join us on this journey as part of a new future in food choices and production and help try to restore our Oceans to their pristine and bountiful natural state.

“Fish or no fish, welcome home fisherman” Old Skye greeting.

Angus Hilleary



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